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Firearms & Weapons Offences


Charges relating to Firearms’ Possession, Trafficking, Storage and Transportation are extremelly serious offences in Canada, Without a doubt, in all but the rarest of cases, the Crown will seek a jail sentence upon conviction. It is imperative that you obtain legal representation as soon as you are charged to maximize your chance of success.

The legislation and regulations surrounding the lawful acquisition, storage and transport of firearms is complex and constantly changing, leaving even well intentioned and otherwise law abiding citizens at risk of jail.

How Firearms and Other Weapons Related Offences Can Affect Your Life

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding them, these charges can have devastating consequences. Depending on the severity of the accusation, where a firearm is involved, consequences will almost ALWAYS include jail upon conviction as well as:

  • Criminal Record: A conviction may affect your ability to find work, run for community office, or even find housing. In fact, even if you are pardoned and your record is sealed, the conviction will still be present in some databases, such as the United States' international databases.

  • Foreign Travel:Such offences can inhibit your admissibility to foreign countries.

  • Weapons Prohibitions:Preventing you from owning or possession of weapons for period ranging from 5 years to a lifetime ban

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Jaki Freeman has been representing clients charged with firearms and other weapons for over 20 years. In fact, in order to better understand the allegations facing her clients, she has obtained her Firearms Licence for the Possession and Acquisition of non-restricted and restricted firearms.

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